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BEVA President Elect, Dave Rendle, talks about his experiences in providing aid to Ukraine, including a recent visit to the Polish / Ukrainian border and a refugee camp.    Veterin...

Episode 10 - Telemedicine

David, Lucy & Huw discuss telemedicine, WhatsApp and more before David interviews BEVA's Learning Manager Sarah Gasper about how she ended up in her current role with the Assoc...

This week David & Lucy chat with Tim Barnett from Rossdales about Equine Dentistry and Tim tells David about his journey as an Equine Vet.

David is joined by podcast regular Huw and James Crabtree to talk Semen Importation Certification and then James shares his equine veterinary experiences.

This week David chats to Huw and Lucy about health and safety in relation to radiographs and discusses BEVA's latest initiative which aims to help tackle equine obesity.

Renate Weller & Lucy Grieve join David Mountford to talk about the news & what they enjoy about being an equine vet.

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